Brian & I were high school sweethearts and have been inseparable for 25 years! We originated in Massachusetts, where we built a family, a business and many great memories together. 

We moved our family to North Carolina in 2015 and quickly adapted to the laid back lifestyle of the south. We both agree, we were meant to be here!

We run Studio 23 together in different aspects of the business. You can find me behind the chair in my role as a cosmetologist, or running the day to day makings of running a clean beauty retail shop. I also serve as a Certified Aromatherapist!

On top of Brian's full time career in the construction field, he is involved with all that goes into building a business we can be proud to call ours. We often find him in the workshop, handcrafting the gifts and home décor we retail in the shop. Brian is one of those talented "jack of all trades" kind of guys, and he is always up to learning something new to master.

I can't leave out the other helpers of the business. Our boys. Our reason.

Our sons grew up in the shop, and I believe they will be better in their own careers for it. They have witnessed the daily grind of making dreams come into fruition. They currently are apart of conversations regarding the business, the ins and outs and the scarifies. They help in the workshop and are leaning how important trades are. They are also helping and learning as we prepare all the natural clean beauty products, and working with essential oils. You might catch one of them in the shop, sweeping the floor or washing the windows, too!

As a family we are dedicated to providing you with a relaxing experience in our little downtown shop. I love passing on education about how clean beauty can help both your body and the environment. We pride ourselves on providing quality handcrafted items for you to enjoy or gift to someone you love, knowing that a little bit of our own passion is in every single item.

We are so incredibly thankful that you are apart of our journey.


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